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Aluminium Composite Panels

Aluminium Composite Panels

Due to them being weatherproof and highly durable, aluminium composite signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are made from a composite of aluminium sheet that is strengthened with a core of polyethylene plastic, (also known as Dibond), making them lightweight but durable. We use the latest UV printers and high quality coloured inks that won’t fade. High resolution printing creates eye-catching results that look razor sharp from a distance and up close. 

Why the aluminium composite signs from Marktek are the ideal solution for you:
- Reliable and corrosion resisant
- Hard-wearing and long lasting
- Weather resistant
- Ideal for large building signs
- Pre-drilled holes and rounded corners are available
- Modern look
- Lightweight and easy to install


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Strong aluminium boards are the ideal solution for affordable flat shop signs. Also very popular for advertising hoarding boards and building site signs and advertising. If you are looking for a metal sign, aluminium composite (dibond) plates is an excellent choice. As a experienced sign-makers we can see an increasing popularity of aluminium composite boards due to their durability and sturdyness. 


These signs are available in any color, including brushed aluminium or gold color brushed metal suface options. Our aluminium composite signs can be ordered in various sizes from 30x30 to 1000x1000 millimeters, so whether you are looking for a tiny plaque for yourself, or a large sign as a store sign, these signs will suit you well. Our aluminium composite boards, also called aluminium sandwich panels, are 3 millimeter thick, which is an optimal thickness to ensure that the signs are sturdy and robust. We are also able to use any other 

Edge of aluminium composite


Whatever the color you choose, the signs are printed using a modern UV printing technology, ensuring smooth and durable surface which won't fade even when used in direct sunlight. The UV ink can create any color in rich, vibrant texture leaving no issues for high-detail images on the signs. You may rest assured that your company logo, any image or text on aluminium composite plate will be as bright as possible.

Aluminium composite signs


Printed signage on aluminium composite plates gives you a unique opportunity to make a modern looking sign that will match the exterior of contemporary buildings, also giving a nice touch for a traditional style houses. Brushed aluminium or brushed gold surface is shiny and gives an impression of luxury, so your guests and visitors will definitely be impressed. 

Technical information

UV-printed aluminium composite is extra durable and can be safely be used both indoors and outdoors. It is made from a composite of two aluminium sheets, strengthened with a core of polyethylene plastic (also called Dibond).

Minimum width (mm) 30
Maximum width (mm) 30
Minimum height (mm) 1000
Maximum height (mm) 1000
Standard thickness (mm) 3
Optional thickness (mm) 1,5 ; 2
UV resistance UV resistant
Weather resistance Weather resistant
Shapes available
Any shape is available

Fixing methods

- Holes
- Screws
- Decorative screws
- Self-adhesive tape
- Magnet tape
- Suction cups

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