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Decals, Stickers

       Stickers (decals) have multiple uses: product labels (fixed on the packaging), information about temporary discounts and promotions, the decoration of cars, company representation on cars, window decoration, exhibition material, showcases of companies, etc. Personalised decals can also be used as prohibitive or informative signs, fixed in any relevant location.

Technical information
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Decals, Stickers
Technical information
10 mm
600 mm
10 mm
1200 mm
Please note that these signs will always have a background, so the surface under the sticker will not be seen. Please check the Vinyl Signs for cut-outs.


 - Any shape and various sizes available
 - Limitless color selection for text and images
 - A wide range of application possibilities
 - Various design and modelling possibilities

Fixing methods

     The decals are self-adhesive, therefore no fixing elements are required.

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