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Vinyl Signs

       On vinyl signs, vinyl texts are created by contour-cutting the text or images in self-adhesive vinyl. They are used instead of decals (stickers), when there must be no background to the label, because only the text and images should be visible. They fit perfectly and create a professional look when used on windows, cars and walls. Often custom vinyl signs are brands of companies, opening time information, and advertisements on shops, cafes or other entrance doors. They are often used on cars, either as company logos, for advertising purposes, or as informational and fun stickers.
       If you are planning to fix the text on the inside of the glass, you can create it as a mirror-image, which is possible by using our Design Tool.

Technical information
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Vinyl Signs
Technical information


The maximum available size for vinyl is 3000x550 millimeters, however, if you have different requirements, please contact us for custom order request.


- Any shape and various sizes available.
- Different colors to choose from.
- No background
- Easy installation
- Self adhesive
- Professional look

Fixing methods

   The vinyls are self-adhesive, therefore no fixing elements are required.

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