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Why should you use the Marktek sign builder tool?

Why should you use the Marktek sign builder tool?

Why is it a good idea to create the signs yourself, using the Marktek sign builder tool? There are actually a lot of practical reasons for that! Let us list a few:

  • Speed. You know what you need. You find the correct material, set the size, add the necessary information and choose the fixing method. That's it! Complete the payment and your sign is sent to the production! Seems quick, doesn't it? That saves the precious time of sending an inquiry, then waiting for the quote, then confirming it, waiting for an invoice, paying for it... Go on, try it yourself!
  • Accuracy. Sending a quote by e-mail, or explaining it by phone, leaves a great chance of miscommunication. It is easy to misinterpret the requirements and create a sign of wrong size, color, text or items in it. But when you are creating the sign yourself, you see exactly how it is going to look like! Something's wrong? Change and fix it straight away!
  • Variability. Materials, sizes, colors, shapes, cutouts, images, icons, fixing methods and many more. These are all the options you can add/change with our sign builder tool. We are sure you will enjoy creating the sign and finding more and more ideas how to improve your sign! Feel free to express your imagination!
  • Availability. Whatever the time, our website is open and ready to accept your orders. You can create and order your signs in the middle of the night, on a Sunday morning, or even during public holiday. And you can rest assured that your order will be processed immediately when our production team comes to work! No more waiting for customer representatives to get back to you with custom quotes.
  • Transparency. Each change you make on your sign, affects the price of the final product. When creating a sign with Marktek sign building tool, you see how the price is affected by any option you select. You can easily compare the costs of different options and choose what is acutally worth the price. 

However, if you are looking for anything extra special or you do not have time to make the signs yourself - feel free to contact us at [email protected] and get a custom quote! Also, look at our pre-made examples - maybe you will find something that you love!

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